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A New School Year is New Opportunity to Encourage Healthy Behaviors

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(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – As our children prepare to embark on a new school year, Empower Tusc is asking parents to capitalize on the opportunity to share a fresh outlook with their children.

Parents, guardians, and mentors alike are encouraged to help children ease natural anxieties about starting school again with a focus on mental health, social and emotional learning foundations, and ways to cope with stress and stay alcohol free. 

“When we acknowledge the stressors our children are likely to experience at the start of a new school year we are reminding them that they are not alone and that we are here for them,” explained Jodi Salvo, Empower Tusc Coordinator. “By talking through ways to ease their stress and anxieties in a healthy way we are contributing to a foundation of expectations that will set the tone for the school year. 

Things that parents may discuss with their kids include:

  • Avoiding situations where others might be engaging in risky behavior
  • Knowing how to react when faced with peer pressure
  • Maintaining open communications throughout the year and identifying a trusted adult talk with

It is also important to note that while these conversations are important, so is modeling responsible behaviors. Parent may consider:

  • Using positive talk and avoiding gossip
  • Showing confidence when taking action or making a decision and voicing your emotions about it
  • Role playing with your kids about how to find a safe contact, say NO, and advocate for themselves and others
  • Never overconsume alcohol, especially around children, and always plan for a safe ride home from events where alcohol may be present
  • Show your child that it’s okay for anyone – including yourself – to refuse a drink or choose not to drink without giving an excuse or reason
  • Never serve, purchase, or supply alcohol to those under the legal drinking age.

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