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April 2024 Meeting Minutes

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Empower Tusc Coalition Meeting

  • Friday, April 12, 2024
  • Meeting Minutes


  • -*Ron Bond, Farm Bureau
  • -*Leslie Booth, Ex Dir T4C
  • -Robert Bray, WBTC Radio & Media Chair
  • -Mary Burkhart, Retired Pastor/Teacher
  • -Danielle Fields, VA and LifeBridge Church/Celebrate Recovery
  • -Bill Harding, Citizen Member
  • -Brian Herzog, Asst Dir Tusc Co Public Library
  • -Heather Hill, OhioGuidestone TTS
  • -Bill Houglan, Citizen Member
  • -Gail Houglan, Citizen Member
  • Nick Javas, Ex Dir Beneath the Shade 
  • -Leslie Korns, ADAMHS Board Member
  • -*Rebecca (Bee) LeMasters, ADAMHS Board Member/Be the Mission
  • -Peggy Leslie, Harcatus—RSVP Director
  • -*Connie Limbacher, Citizen Member & Coalition Secretary
  • Lt Johnnie Maier, OSHP Tusc Branch
  • -*Katie Maurer, OhioGuidestone, Addiction Line-Access Navigator & Alcohol Comm Chair
  • -Terry Miller, OhioGuidestone TTS & Suicide Prevention Chair
  • -Shawn Patterson, The Redeemed 22/Be the Mission
  • *Cheryl Ramos, Citizen Member & New Phila City Council Member
  • Melissa Rath, OSHP Tusc Branch
  • -*Miles Riley, Dir. Marketing-Springvale Health Centers
  • -Jodi Salvo, OhioGuidestone, Dir of SUD Prevention & Coalition Coordinator
  • -Gerald Sanders, Citizen Member
  • -Sierra Schweitzer, OhioGuidestone TTS & Y2Y Coordinator
  • -Victoria Spidell, Ex Dir JFS
  • -*Larry Stitt, Pastor & Faith Based Chair
  • -Joe Svancara, Pastor & Friends of the Homeless Shelter
  • -*Vivian Winters, VA

(-) Members
(*) Present Virtually


Meeting Summary: Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM by Jodi Salvo. 29 were present (20 Present & 9 Virtual); (25 members & 4 Non-Member) Introductions made. Approval of Minutes– Bill Harding made a motion to accept March 8th, 2024, meeting minutes.   Bill Houglan seconded, and all voted yes. 

Committee Reports

Executive/Steering Committee Thank you–Jodi thanked Brian Herzog and the Tuscarawas County Library for allowing us to meet here and for those who were able to attend the community breakfast prior. Jodi also thanked everyone for their prayers and support in the passing of Phil’s dad and for Kerry and Karen Metzger and their illness. Karen was hospitalized with pneumonia and is now home recovering.  Connie reported on the ad-hoc Membership committee that she presented them with the guidelines of Active & Inactive Committee Members according to the DFC grant and how volunteer hours are tied in. The committee would like to see how we can add even Supporting Members and possibly Company/Agency Members and they are looking to see how this can be done and fit in with the by-laws. Currently the definition of Active Members is anyone who filled out a Membership Form and has volunteer hours in the past six months, so these changes depending on activities and time of year when reporting (ex—Fair & HOPE Sunday).  We currently have 150+ volunteers with anywhere from 4,000-5,000 hours annually. If you are at this meeting, you are currently active with today’s 1.5 hours.  Jodi talked about those going to the Academy for CADCA and how they are developing a logic model which is the coalition’s Action Plan. This must be the coalition’s decision on what is happening in our community.

Alcohol Prevention Committee: We are a little behind in getting the signs out for Parents Who Host, Lose The Most (PWHLTM) Campaign. We usually distribute them before proms start. Schools need to be reminded to pull theirs from storage as each school stored their own. We can use almost everything from prior years. Anyone able to put a sign out or help distribute them, Jodi will put them in the lobby of the United Way. This campaign is to remind parents NOT to provide alcohol to underage youth.

Media CommitteeRobert reported that public service radio (PSA) messages will be ready as soon as Carson from TCC comes in to record. Strasburg is completed and others from prior years can also be used for both the Tobacco and PWHLTM Campaign. 

Prescription Drug CommitteeJodi reported that the National DEA Drug Take Back will be held at Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital (CCUH) on April 27th from 10AM-2PM. The October 28th stats were 81# and 44 vehicles.

Suicide Prevention Committee—Terri reported that Man Therapy Training was held and will be the focus for the committee. Most of the deaths by suicide are Men 50+ years of age. This ties into the coalition work with youth as when men show healthy behaviors, it also helps reduce stigma. Terri explained Leadership Tusc and how they are working on this project.

Tobacco/Vaping Committee—Jodi reported that the committee will need to revise its strategic plan due to the passing of the preemption law in Ohio.  

Youth SectorSierra reported Perci Garner came to TCC’s Youth to Youth group and talked about stress and mental health. Interested in bringing him back in for Strasburg and Claymont.  NDAFW: bulletin boards decorated throughout the schools.  PWHLTM: schools will be taking part in “prom promises” where they promise to have a safe and healthy prom night and end of the year feedback was given on Youth-to-Youth programs.

Marijuana Committee –Heather explained the logic model and asked for volunteers to help with doing environmental scans and focus groups on multiple locations. She showed the map of the county that was done before and the logic model that the Marijuana Prevention Committee did together.  Jodi explained Delta 8 and the Farm Bureau’s work to address legal psychoactive help products. Volunteers are really needed for this committee. 

Old Business – No Report

New Business/Upcoming Coalition Events—HIPS trailer—Jodi explained it—can be used everywhere, but the problem is we need to have volunteers. Probably a minimum of 3 people. One outside, inside and at our regular booth. We need to train people on how to handle the trailer. The intent is to educate the parents and people. Will through out a doodle pole with some dates. Pastor Briefing—Bee LeMasters reported that there would be one on May 20th 10AM-1PM at the Monarch Center in Dover. Eric will be coming to speak. Resources are being created for this event.

 Public Speaks/Organization Share

  • April 20- Healthy Kids Day 11-2pm
  • April 27- Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital 10-2pm
  • April 30- Boltaron Safety Day with HIPS trailer—6AM-4PM
  • May 15-Windsor Laurelwood Open House—Re-Opening of Recovery Center for Hope—11AM-2PM—35900 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, OH 440-567-3017 Samantha May Comm Liaison 
  • May 25- Canal Dover Festival Parade—Please be at corner of Walnut & 4th Streets at 11:40—step-off is at Noon

Adjourn– Bill Harding made a motion to Adjourn at 10:32AM.

Next Meeting – Hybrid Meeting

Visitor & Convention Bureau – 124 High Ave., New Philadelphia- Friday, May 10th, 2024

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