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Avoid Another Silent Night. Talk with Your Kids

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Empower Tusc encourages parents to talk to your kids this holiday season

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – The holiday season presents a great opportunity to be with family and friends. Take advantage of all the time together and talk with your kids. 

This time of year, with so much togetherness paves the way for conversation with your kids and modeling responsible behavior. Sit down with your children and talk about family values, expectations, and being mindful and balanced. Let them know these priorities are important before, during, and after the holiday season. 

Here are three things to keep in mind when starting conversations with your kids this holiday season, courtesy of

  1. Keep the conversation simple. Remind your kids that saying NO to underage drinking and making healthy choices are part of your family’s values and expectations. 
  2. If your kids see something, such as someone overconsuming alcohol, that’s a critical time to have a conversation about balance, decision-making, and how alcohol affects their developing brain. 
  3. If you plan to host people for the holidays, be sure to model responsible behaviors in front of your kids. Drink responsibly yourself, serve plenty of food, and have non-alcoholic beverages available.

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