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Empower Tusc Hosts Engagement Initiative with Local Students

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(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Dover Middle School recently welcomed members of the Empower Tusc Coalition into their building for a prevention awareness initiative with students. 

The Vaping Jeopardy program encompasses an interactive experience for students designed to bring more awareness as it relates to the risks of vaping and youth tobacco use. This was the first time the full program was presented at Dover Middle School, taking place over the course of three Wednesdays in March 2022. 

“The program represents a unique and engaging platform to present anti-vaping messages to our area youth,” explained Autumn Poland, Empower Tusc Tobacco Committee Chair and Health Educator with the Tuscarawas County Health Department. “The kids enjoy participating and are receiving evidence-based information so that they can make healthy choices for themselves. We are working diligently with Empower Tusc and the prevention staff at Ohio Guidestone to combat youth vaping across the county.”

The program involves facilitators that go into the classrooms to meet students where they are. They talk briefly about the reasons for concern as it relates to youth vaping. Then, the presentation becomes more interactive as students are divided into four or five teams. They then participate in a Jeopardy-inspired questions activity. Points are allocated to the teams who answer correction. 

Questions are designed to provide students with applicable takeaways, tips, and overall knowledge as it relates to vaping. Questions include topics such as, ‘what is the liquid in vaping devices? Answer: Aerosol. 

The winning team would then get an extra treat to introduce friendly competition to help keep students engaged. 

“Effective approaches to teaching our young people about prevention in a way that truly resonates is always evolving,” explained Empower Tusc Coordinator, Jodi Salvo. “We are appreciative and proud of our community partners such as the Tuscarawas County Health Department and Dover Middle School for their ongoing dedication and participation in substance use prevention in Tuscarawas County.”

For schools interested in getting involved or for more information on local prevention efforts and resources call 330-440-7319 or visit

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