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June 2022 Meeting Minutes

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Empower Tusc Coalition Meeting

  • Hybrid Meeting @ United Way Conference Room #1
  • Friday, May 13, 2022


  • *-Ron Bond, Retired Educator & Farm Bureau Rep
  • *-Robert Bray, WBTC Radio
  • *-Dick Gooding, Citizen Member, Business Membership
  • *Tayler Hamrick, COAD
  • -Bill Harding, Citizen Member
  • *-Brian Herzog, Tusc Co Public Library
  • *Bill Houglan, Citizen Member
  • *Gail Houglan, Citizen Member
  • *Lori Kuehne, Medical Doctor
  • *-Peggy Leslie, Harcatus, Civic Sector
  • -Connie Limbacher, EPT Secretary
  • *-Michaela Madison, Newsymom, Media 
  • -Alex McCarthy, Director of Tusc Co HS & EMA
  • -Kerry Metzger, Tuscarawas Co Commissioner, EPT Chairman
  • *-Jeff Neidig, Pharmacist/Owner Mediwise Pharmacy
  • *-Faith Nordine, OhioGuidestone Access Navigator/HopeLine Tusc & Carroll Counties
  • -Shawn Patterson, The 22 Redeemed & Veteran Member
  • *-Beverly Pearch, Director of Big Brothers Big Sister
  • *-Autumn Poland, Tusc Co Health Dept
  • *-Steve Rippeth, Asst Dir of Adult Ed at Buckeye Career Center
  • *-Jodi Salvo, OhioGuidestone, Director of SUD Prevention
  • *-Gerald Sanders, Citizen Member
  • *-Diana Smith, Springvale 
  • -Sheryl Solter, Citizen Member

(*) denotes online
(-) denotes members

Meeting Summary:

Kerry Metzger called the virtual meeting to order at 9:00 AM on Friday, June 10, 2022. Introductions were made with 20 members & 4 visitors present (10 present at United Way Conference Room & 14 virtual). Peggy Leslie made a motion to accept the May 13, 2022 minutes. Autumn Poland seconded and all voted yes.

Executive: No report. Steering Committee will meet on Monday, June 13th at 11:00AM.

Youth: Jodi reported that two students are going to CADCA this summer, both from Strasburg. They also have 10 students from Claymont and Strasburg are going to the International Youth-to-Youth conference with one as a leader.

Alcohol Committee: Jodi asked that anyone with “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” PWHLTM signs to bring them to the agency for storage for the fall campaign unless you have a place to store them. Veronica has been in touch with the state inquiring data on the ASK (Alcohol Server Training) to see if we can know who and how many have taken the training in Tuscarawas County. Maybe Sheriff Campbell can get us the info, as well. Sports Ads have been placed in the fall & winter sports programs.

Marijuana Committee: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Update—There have been several interview with Luke Marino who owns the new local dispensary. The facility that will be converted into a dispensary will be located off of East High Avenue. They have a provisional license and have 270 days to get it operational. WJER and Times Reporter have done articles on this. Signage is a big issue. Kerry commended Commissioner Al Landis for getting Addiction & Community Revitalization Committee to come out of Columbus and move throughout the state with hearings. One will be in Tuscarawas County. We currently do not have a time or place yet but several people including Jodi, Kerry, Orvis & Natalie will be able to testify. This will allow us to talk not only Addiction but the other Prevention & Recovery with are so often forgotten and harder to prove outcomes. Thanks Al! SB 261 (Medical Marijuana Expansion) Update—Considerations include opening up advertising on social media, increasing THC levels, allowance of use of medical marijuana for almost any condition if a patient is in need. On the radio, Luke Marino stated that they would not be advertising towards youth. The legislative committee hearing this right now is very divided, and many members have concerns on the expansion. It is suspected that this will get pushed through during the post-election lame duck session. This would allow up to 300 dispensaries in the state of Ohio. For more info—Kerry had a radio interview with WBTC Radio that you can listen to mainly talking about Senate Bill 261. We will put it on our website to make it easier to reach.  Recreational Marijuana Ballot Issue— Prevention Action Alliance put out a good summary of what is expected to happen with the Recreational Marijuana Ballot Initiative. Based on a settlement between the General Assembly and the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol, it will be discussed by the General Assembly and if something is not legislated by May, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol will bring it as a ballot issue in November 2023. Discussed what we can do as a coalition to help. Discussed possible demonstrations. The Marijuana Committee is currently working on a Strategic Plan.

Prescription Drug Committee: Jeff reported that the Dissemination of Deterra Bags has slowed down. We are waiting for more bags with our new logo on them. Anyone who has old signage—please switch over to using the new logo. Older Adult Medication Safety Ed thru Generation X— The OSU Extension Office is offering a Train-the-Trainer opportunity. Case managers for kids at Springvale are handing out the bags & lock boxes. The local Realtor’s Association already get Deterra bags from the Ohio Realtors Association and brochures from the State on this. Jeff is still looking into the campaign of One Pill Can Kill on counterfeit drugs. Shout out to Brian for placing an Ad to all counties on the Deterra Bags. Also, to Bill Harding and Sheriff Orvis Campbell who will be at the Garaway Senior Center on July 19th. Jodi will get with Dr. Kuehne to go over what and when to contact area doctors regarding marijuana.

Media Committee: Michaela reported they will be having their next meeting in July with a date to be determined. There was a discussion on whether to just have the Media Committee join the Marijuana Committee Meeting later in June. Media Committee continues to focus on the social media platform. If there is any messaging that other Committees need, please share needs with this Committee. Press releases will continue to go out on a regular basis.

Suicide Prevention Committee: The Remembrance Walk will be held on August 28th at Southside Community Park in New Philadelphia. They need volunteers. They will also be doing a Mental Health First Aid training in August at Kent State that might be good for coalition members to attend. Meetings are the fourth Monday of the month at 1:00pm

Tobacco/Vaping Committee—Autumn reported that Connie sent out the Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Grant Survey Tuscarawas County Community Members to take to show where they need to focus. It isn’t quite as tedious as last year! If you have already done the survey prior to Tuesday, please let Autumn know, as there were some issues with the State early on. They are looking to get more community involvement, especially with getting people drawn towards booths at community events. They will be bringing the Think Fast Interactive presentations to three school districts, both middle and high schools, in September. Tobacco Retail Licensing will be high on the upcoming grant priority list. This is if an establishment is caught and fined for selling to a minor—all they receive is a fine no matter how many citations they receive. There is no losing their license. 

922 Initiative—Diana reported that the Community Garden has been put on hold pending floodplain considerations with FEMA. They are focusing on the implementation of community Red Boxes at the moment. Next meeting will be at noon on Tuesday, June 14th. 

Old Business: None

New Business: 

CADCA Mid-Summer Conference-July 18-21 in Orlando—looks like 3 adults and 2 students will be attending.

Project Hope—Will Launch with a Press Conference—August 31st—National Overdose Awareness Day

Tuscarawas County Fair—September 19-25—Volunteers are needed! We will have two booths like last year.

Hope Sunday—September 25th—Topic is “Marijuana Awareness”

First Town Days Parade— The parade is on July 1st. Gerald will be the coordinator of dissemination as lots of candy has been procured. Volunteers are needed! Step off is at 6:30pm. There are new t-shirts for the parade. Discussed possibly doing this parade with a group at beginning and another at the square switching out.

Cy Young Parade—June 25th. Line-up is 5:00PM. Volunteers are needed!

Connie made a motion to adjourn and Alex seconded. All voted yes at 10:40 AM. There is NO JULY Meeting! 

Next Board Meeting will be held on Friday, August 12th from 9:00-10:30 as a Hybrid meeting at the Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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