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Man Therapy™ and Question Persuade Refer Training (QPR) Launches in Tuscarawas-Carroll County

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Empower Tusc in collaboration with the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board announce the launch of a new public health campaign, Man Therapy™ Ohio.  Man Therapy Ohio is a statewide public health campaign targeted at helping men throughout the state combat the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. 

In 2023, according to the Tuscarawas County Coroner’s report, there were 13 deaths by suicide.  Of those 13 deaths, 10 were male – 77 percent. Man Therapy Ohio provides men and the people who care about them a place to go and learn more about men’s mental health, examine their well-being, and consider a wide array of actions that can put them on the path to seeking help, recovery, and resilience. All of this is done within an easy-to-access, free, online website at

The 2024-2026 State Suicide Prevention Plan for Ohio was introduced by Governor Mike DeWine in January 2024 and highlights mental health and suicide prevention as a priority of his administration. The plan was designed to create a collaborative approach to prevent suicides and identify key strategies to reduce suicide deaths in Ohio. One key priority is to reduce suicide deaths among adult men.

Upon visiting, men and their loved ones will have the option to access an 18-Point “Head Inspection” where men can get a free and anonymous run-down of where they excel and where they can improve their mental health, explore local and national mental health resources, read real-life stories by men who have experienced mental health problems and more.

Dr. Jodi Frey, Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, is leading an evaluation study in Ohio that will assess changes in suicidal ideation and mental health, in addition to help-seeking behaviors with a sample of men who are invited from the website and agree to participate in online surveys and/or an interview about their experience using Man Therapy. This study expands Frey’s prior research to assess the use and statisfaction of Man Therapy with older men, a population at higher risk for suicide that has not yet been empirically studied with Man Therapy. In her prior research, Dr. Frey found that Man Therapy is an effective tool to help reduce depression and suicidal ideation and increase help-seeking behaviors among men. The current project is being funded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS).

Man Therapy Ohio does not provide crisis response or clinical services. If you are concerned and think you or a loved one may need immediate help, please go to your local emergency department, contact SpringVale Health Centers 24/7 crisis line at 330-343-1811 or the Carrollton line at 330-627-5240, or call the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by dialing “988” for 24/7, free and confidential support. 

The ADAMHS Board together with Coleman Health Services is offering community members the opportunity to be trained in an evidence-informed suicide prevention curriculum, Question Persuade and Refer (QPR). QPR will teach individuals how to recognize someone at risk, intervene with confidence and competence, and refer them to the appropriate source to receive the help they need. At no cost to to the public, David Shea, Coleman Health Services Communications and Training Liason, will be holding the first training in Tuscarawas County at the Tuscarawas County Public Library Main Branch on May 20 from 6:00-7:30 p.m.  A second training will be held in Carroll County at the Carroll County Police Department on May 30 from 6:00-7:30 p.m.  If you are interested in attending, please contact David Shea at 330-298-5408 or

About the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation (OSPF)
OSPF gives hope to those in crisis, strength to those in struggle and comfort to those in grief.  OSPF is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to help all of Ohio’s communities reduce the risk of suicide. Our work includes supporting those impacted by suicide, raising awareness of mental health issues, and coordinating community resources and evidence-based prevention strategies across the state.

About the University of Maryland School of Social Work
The University of Maryland School of Social Work, founding in 1961, is highly ranked and respected. Its mission is to develop practitioners, leaders and scholars to advance the well-being of populations and communities and to promote social justice. As national leaders, they create and use knowledge for education, service innovation, and policy development.

About Empower Tusc
Formally known as the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition, our focus includes raising awareness around mental and behavioral health issues impacting our community along with substance use education and prevention. Through our education, awareness, and prevention efforts, we are empowering Tuscarawas County to prevent youth substance abuse, promote mental health wellness, and provide recovery support for individuals battling addiction.

About the Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board
The ADAMHS board is a division of the County Governments of Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The ADAMHS Board is committed to ensuring that the mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention needs of our residents are met in the most efficient, economic, and clinically effective manner possible. The Board carries out its mission by providing financial assistance to support the cost of behavioral health services at local, state certified mental health and substance abuse treatment agencies. A network of 50 ADAMHS Boards engages in community planning, system financing, and monitoring of this “Safety net” of community services on behalf of all of Ohio’s 88 Counties.  

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