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November 2021 Meeting Minutes

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Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition Meeting

  • Zoom Meeting
  • Friday, November 5, 2021


  • Richard Bray, WBTC Radio
  • Jessica (Sexton) Codd, OhioGuidestone Youth Coordinator- Youth Serving Sector
  • Erica Dalton—JFS Caseworker
  • Erica Dorsey—Harcatus 
  • Michelle Giancola—Community Liaison—Windsor Laurelwood
  • Dick Gooding, Retired, Citizen Member-Business Sector
  • Bill Harding—Citizen Member
  • Kiersten Heckel—4-H Extension Educator
  • Brian Herzog, Tusc Co Public Library
  • Bill Houglan—Citizen Member
  • Gail Houglan—Citizen Member
  • Kane Tarrance, Community Outreach Manager, BrightView Health
  • Chris Lane, Wendy’s Owner-Business Sector
  • Peggy Leslie, Harcatus-Civic Sector
  • Connie Limbacher, ADC Secretary
  • Michaela Madison, Newseymom- Media Sector
  • Kristen Macauley, CMH/Springvale- AOD Sector
  • Jeff Neidig, Mediwise Pharmacy
  • Cheryl Ramos, Citizen Member
  • Miles Riley, Community Mental Health/Springvale
  • Gerald Sanders, Citizen Member
  • Jodi Salvo, OhioGuidestone Director of SUD Prevention
  • Diana Smith, OhioGuidestone Prevention & 922 Initiative Coordinator
  • Kelly Snyder, Tusc Co Health Dept
  • Rachel Wentworth, OhioGuidestone Access Navigator/HopeLine Tusc & Carroll Counties
  • Terry Wilcox—Community Hospice Chaplain
  • Vicki Yates, Executive Director-Senior Center

Meeting Summary:

Jodi Salvo called the Zoom meeting to order at 10:00 AM on Friday, November 5th, 2021, with 27 members present. We went around and did attendee introductions. Michaela Madison made a motion to accept the October 2021 minutes. Vicki Yates seconded and all voted yes. 

Committee Reports:

Executive Committee: Steering Committee will meet November 19 from 9-10AM with the focus to be on the organizational name change.

Youth: Jessica Codd reported in the absence of Piper that students participated in “Red Ribbon Week”. Six students attended a proclamation for Red Ribbon Week at the County Commissioners meeting. They did a wonderful job telling the commissioners about Red Ribbon week, as well as what will be going on in Tuscarawas County schools around Red Ribbon Week. The county commissioners had the courthouse lit red the week of October 23 to commemorate Red Ribbon Week. School efforts- Strasburg decorated every other door in the High School/ Middle School. They had a contest and did a wonderful job decorating the doors. Strasburg is hoping to use Red Ribbon Week as a jumping board into mentoring next semester. TCC created a bulletin board focused on the theme of “Drug Free Looks like Me”. They did this by taking Polaroid pictures of themselves and placed participating student’s photos on a red ribbon. They also had information about different substances that students were able to take from the board. Claymont Middle School is up and thriving. Each middle school grade accomplished something awesome for Red Ribbon Week (6th, 7th, 8th graders). Sixth graders decided to create and hang around 30 posters about Red Ribbon Week. Seventh graders decided to create a shared bulletin board with the eighth graders. The 7th grade theme “Drug Free Looks like Me,” They conveyed this with large sunglasses each depicting healthy ways to have fun or relax in the frames. The eighth graders went with a Halloween themed “door decorating” idea. They did a Hocus Pocus movie reference saying, “Hocus – Pocus- Drugs aren’t our focus”. Overall, each school did a fabulous job at representing Red Ribbon Week to their school. 

TCC’s next initiative will focus on Hunger Homeless and Awareness. They created a billboard and plan to have a Jeans Day—bringing in two cans, or three cans for the ability to wear Sweats to school. Everything brought in will be donated to the Uhrichsville Food Pantry. 

Jessica reported that we participated in the Dover Halloween parade and—we definitely need more volunteers. Students usually cannot help here as they are in marching bands, etc. For Dover Halloween Parade there was only Jessica, Jodi, Strasburg Advisor-Dawn Delcoma & her one student—Claudia! Please make an effort to be a volunteer if able, especially for parades. 

Alcohol Committee: Jodi reported in Veronica’s absence that the committee is getting ready to do a mailing to all Tuscarawas County Liquor License holders. They will be receiving information on the new virtual ASK Training provided by Ohio Investigative Unit. We have establishments (Lockport and Hoodletown) who are currently having their staff participate in the online ASK training and have agreed to be interviewed to create a promotional video around the benefits of participating in ASK training. 

Tobacco/Vaping Committee–Dover Council-Quit Line POS posting: Autumn reported that Dover has approved the resolution to post quit line information at Dover businesses at point of sale. The Marijuana Committee would like Delta 8 & 10 added to the Environmental Scan for store audits, so we are able to see how prevalent it is in our area. Next Tobacco Committee meeting will be Wednesday, October 13th at 1:00pm (Zoom).

Faith Based Committee: HOPE Sunday—Pastor survey:  The data is in and Gerald, Connie & Jodi will be meeting and looking at the best way & time to share the information. A Pastor briefing has been scheduled for —December 7th Monarch Center from 9-11am. This event is in response to the work of the Marijuana Prevention Committee, viewing the church/faith community as a sector to educate and engage to oppose recreational marijuana legalization. Pastors/churches are receiving a mailed invitation and an email invite. Please extend an invitation to your church pastor/leadership. Pastor Larry Stitt’s church will provide the food. 

Marijuana Committee “Clear the Air”- Student survey data: The student’s surveys are coming in and Jessica is compiling. It looks like it was a success as students are saying that they liked the speaker and it definitely helped to raise their perception of harm. Both Claymont & Newcomerstown School Districts were able to have Ty at their schools on October 6. Tuscarawas County Fair Survey Data: Alex is still working on compiling the data from this. There is an Ohio Task Force that has been convened to develop tools and resources to assist coalitions in generating opposition to recreational marijuana legalization in their communities. Next steps for committee will be to provide education and awareness to community, they are identifying speaker opportunities. In response to Jodi and Kerry speaking at the All Mayor’s meeting, the Village of Tuscarawas passed an ordinance to ban dispensaries and Newcomerstown is in the process of creating a ban. We also received $5,000.00 in funding from the United Way Funding to bring in a national speaker in the spring. The committee discussed bring in Laura Slack who is a parent who lost her son Johnny due to his marijuana addiction and use of high potency marijuana products.  

Media Committee: Michaela reported that she would be seeking Miles & others to help with putting info out once we do our name change. There will be a couple of videos to help promote. She reported that the Blog is working well. Please remember to “Like” and “Share” the ADC posts and especially to groups that you might be in, since Facebook algorithms have changed. Committee is meeting today at 1PM.

Prescription Drug Committee: National Drug Take Back Day was Saturday, October 23 from 10-2 at Union and Trinity. Jeff shared the data that we have accumulated since we have been doing Drug Take Backs. It was significantly down from last year but many things could contribute to that including Covid, having the permanent drop boxes, having Deterra Bags, and people turning in their medications without the bottles since it is measured by weight. The committee will discuss future Take Backs and explore the takebacks at other locations.

Suicide Prevention Committee: Jodi reported that the group is still looking for a chair. Walk in Memory—Sunday November 14that the new New Philadelphia Southside Park. Registration starts at 3:30PM with the walk starting at 4PM. Please share the walk info with friends and members of any groups you are in. We received $4,000.00 in funding from the United Way for this event, which will be used for advertising and event supplies that can be used in subsequent years for this event. Miles mentioned that the Survivors of Suicide Group was just posted on the ADAMHS Board FaceBook page as the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 6:30PM at the ADAMHS Board Conference room. Diana will share on our website.

922 Initiative—Jodi announced that Diana has taken a new position and will no longer be at Ohio Guidestone; After much shock & tears—Michaela made a motion to NOT accept Diana’s resignation and Connie seconded and ALL voted yes. Diana reported that she thought the Dennison/Uhrichsville Craft Show on October 9th was a success having agency resource booths mingled in between craft booths. She said the speakers were also well received. Starting in December, 922 Initiative will meet the second Tuesday of each month at the Uhrichsville City Building in the council chambers at noon.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

Jodi asked that anyone doing anything for the ADC, to please turn in volunteer sheets for their time. We really need the match hours. There is possible legislature that we are hoping will pass that because of Covid—the grants might possibly waive the amount of volunteer hours needed. We are NOT promised continued grant funds so it is important to show why we need it.  Even if reading the book “Smokescreen” by Kevin Sabet—this isn’t something you would normally take the time to do. Even if it takes you 12 hours—please turn them in.

Discussed the next meeting in December being a celebration. Decided to have a breakfast at the Convention Bureau so come hungry!

Robert made a motion to adjourn and all voted yes at 11:07 AM. Peggy seconded. All voted yes.

Next Board Meeting will be held on Friday, December 3rd from 10:00-11:30 at the Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau. This will also be an in person meeting only since it is a celebration breakfast.

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