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October 2021 Meeting Minutes

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Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition Meeting

  • Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau (Hybrid)
  • Friday, October 1, 2021


  • Jessica (Sexton) Codd, OhioGuidestone Youth Coordinator- Youth Serving Sector
  • Dick Gooding, Retired, Citizen Member-Business Sector
  • David Harris, Jr, Citizen Member
  • Chris Lane, Wendy’s Owner-Business Sector
  • Peggy Leslie, Harcatus-Civic Sector
  • Connie Limbacher, ADC Secretary
  • Michaela Madison, Newsymom- Media Sector
  • Kristen Macauley, CMH/Springvale- AOD Sector
  • Kerry Metzger, ADC Chairman
  • Kristin Muhleman, OhioGuidestone–TTS
  • Piper Olsen, Youth Sector
  • Autumn Poland Tusc Co Health Dept 
  • Cheryl Ramos, Citizen Member
  • Miles Riley, Community Mental Health/Springvale
  • Jodi Salvo, OhioGuidestone Prevention Coordinator
  • Diana Smith, OhioGuidestone Prevention & 922 Initiative Coordinator
  • Kelly Snyder, Tusc Co Health Dept
  • Jackie Taylor, Goodwill Industries
  • Emma Walsh, Goodwill Industries
  • Rachel Wentworth, OhioGuidestone Access Navigator/HopeLine Tusc & Carroll Counties

Meeting Summary:

Kerry Metzger called the Hybrid meeting to order at 10:02 AM on Friday, October 1, 2021, with 20 (11 actual & 9 zoom) members present. We went around and with attendee introductions. Chris Lane made a motion to accept the September 2021 minutes. David Harris seconded and the vote was unanimous. 

Committee Reports:

Tobacco/Vaping Committee–Dover Council-Quit Line POS posting: Autumn reported that Dover has approved and there is now a resolution to post at Dover businesses at point of sale. The Marijuana Committee would like the Delta 8 & 10 added to the Environmental Scan for store audits, so we are able to see how prevalent it is in our area. Next Tobacco Committee meeting will be Wednesday, October 13th at 1:00pm (Zoom).

Media Committee: Michaela reported that there was only one press release in September—“Clear the Air” which is the upcoming Marijuana Prevention Event at the PAC on Tuesday October 5th. One post alone had 7,500 hits on Facebook.

Executive Committee: The By-Laws have been emailed prior to today with the highlighted changes mainly adding “and mental health issues” in the Mission Statement and throughout several other places and adding “Suicide Prevention Committee” as a Standing Committee along with the Revision date at the end, as October 1, 2021, if passed. Chris made a motion to accept the by-law changes as highlighted and presented,  and Autumn Poland seconded. All voted yes. Connie will update the Membership Form to include the new committee.  Steering Committee—Kerry reported that he was appointing 2 ad hoc committees; 922 Initiative—Diana Smith is coordinating this committee. This is to focus in the Uhrichsville/Dennison area to include prevention, treatment and recovery efforts. The 2nd is Customer Relations Manager—Autumn Poland, Jeff Neidig, Michaela Madison & Miles Riley were appointed to that committee to look into apps and programs that would help in volunteer & coalition processes and bring a recommendation back to the ADC. OWL System—Jodi reported that the OWL System has been ordered & received. This is a system that will help having hybrid meetings. Camera is 360 degrees and it is portable. Also, she reported that in having the Suicide Prevention Committee and mental health added to the by-laws, the ADC needs to look into having a name change in the future. 

Youth: Piper Olsen from Tuscarawas Central Catholic (TCC) was present as the Youth Representative. She reported that the students are really excited and looking forward to being involved. TCC will recognize “Red Ribbon Week” using drug facts & posters around the school. Kerry explained to Jessica the process to get the Proclamation from the commissioners. Piper also said the students want to use the month of November to focus on Hunger awareness. TCC will have a Jeans Day—bringing in 2 cans or 3 cans for Sweats. Everything brought in will be donated to the Uhrichsville Food Pantry. Dick Gooding inquired about Tusky Valley participating in youth led prevention. They are not this year as meeting time as their school advisor has stepped down. 

Alcohol Committee: Veronica sent the committee members a link that the state has finally completed the online ASK Program (Alcohol Servers Knowledge). Chris reported that has taken it, and it is an hour long, but does allow you stop & start. The certificate at the end does not save so you have to make sure you save to a PDF. Discussion about if ADC can acquire all those who complete training & keep certificates on file and if we could leverage businesses that have participated and, possibly insurance companies to promote through a video promotion effort. Discussed providing participating business certificates, in addition to window clings. A discussion around including information around standard pours was had, as this information was not included in ASK training.

Faith Based Committee: Field of Freedom—Jodi reported that it was well attended. There were over 700 present on Friday night alone. The speakers & music were powerful. Attendees were able to learn about community prevention, treatment and recovery resources at booths.

Marijuana Committee: Mayors meetings—Kerry reported that as a result of speaking at the all Tuscarawas County Mayor’s meeting in late August around efforts in Ohio to legalize recreational marijuana. The Village of Tuscarawas voted at this week’s Council meeting to adopt an ordinance to ban recreational and medicinal dispensaries in the Village. Dover & New Philadelphia already have ordinances in place as does Lawrence Township. We are working to identify what other cities, villages and townships have ordinances and those that do not. We will then meet with areas unprotected by ordinances and present our concerns around this issue. Both Kerry & Orvis went to Columbus to see if this could be done by County Commissioners, but it was by code that it had to be cities & townships, so it looks like the ADC needs to get out there more to their meetings. Books—books were ordered and are in for anyone wanting to read Smoke Screen by Kevin Sabet. This book is on the marijuana industry. It was written in 2020. Sabet was a three time White House Office of National Drug Control Policy advisor under the Clinton, Bush and Obama administration. Both the Tuscarawas County Public Library and the Dover Public Library are considering hosting book club readings on this book and the Marijuana has discussed bring him to Tuscarawas County in the early spring of 2022. October 5th PAC event “Clear the Air”- Jodi reported that Ty Sells will be speaking in at 10AM to the 8th graders & at 12:30 PM to 9th/10th graders that will be bussed in from the area schools to the PAC. Special Thank you to Dean Bielski for providing the PAC for us to use & Chris Lane, our business sector rep, who not only financially supported this effort but reached out to area businesses & raised $6,500 for this event. Thanks to David Mitchell who is overseeing the PAC event. There is a session at 6PM for Parents/Adults at Founders Hall. All ADC Members are being encouraged to attend the evening event (it will be livestreamed, as well). We want to make sure there is a “live” audience to be courteous to the speaker. Both Claymont & Newcomerstown School Districts are on a “no field trip” policy, so we are having Ty stay overnight & present personally at those schools on October 6thMarijuana Planning Session—will be held on October 29th on educating the community & informing the public around the potential negative impact to our young people around recreational marijuana legalization. Tuscarawas County Fair: Diana reported that the marijuana booth did well. The surveys from our marijuana data surveys we will be entered into a spreadsheet and given to Alex to compile and compare to the 2019 survey data (since none was done last year with Covid). This data is how the community sees marijuana and gives us an opportunity to create strategies based off of community views. Diana will have surveys at the Craft Show in Uhrichsville on October 9 to get a better understanding of that communities views.  Delta 8 & Delta 10—these are legal products made from Hemp but still get you “high”. Judge Adam Wilgus is looking into to see if these come up on a drug test and how prevalent they are in our area. The Marijuana committee has asked that the Tobacco committee include these as substances to look for when doing their environmental scans.

Prescription Drug Committee: Pharmacy Bags: Bags have been distributed to all but the large pharmacy chains last week. Heard really positive things so far, especially from those at Mako’s Pharmacy in Uhrichsville. Terry Edwards even approached CVS & Rite-Aid in the Twin City area to inquire why they weren’t participating.  National Drug Take Back Day is Saturday, October 23 from 10-2 at Union and Trinity. We will be in need of volunteers for this event. Diana will set up a volunteer survey link which Connie will send out next week..

Suicide Prevention Committee: Jodi reported that the group is a little disjointed right now but the focus is on the Suicide Walk which is scheduled for November 14th at the New Philadelphia Southside Park. Please save that date. The first meeting of the actual committee probably won’t be until after the first of the year.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

922 Initiative—Diana asked that anyone wanting to set-up a resource booth at the Dennison/Uhrichsville Craft Show on October 9th 10AM-4PM, to let her know. Speakers and music have been booked.

Miles Riley let everyone know that Springvale, formerly Community Mental Health, has opened their new pharmacy. It is available to anyone and provides extreme savings. They are also approved to be a Project Dawn provider & hope to be a full-time Drug Take Back site in the future.

Both Jackie Taylor & Emma Walsh who represent Goodwill Industries want to make sure the community is aware that they are more than just a store or that they only serve the Stark County. They are trying to see where they will fit in best.

Chris made a motion to adjourn and all voted yes at 11:25 AM. Connie seconded. All voted yes.

Next Board Meeting will be held on Friday, November 5th from 10:00-11:30 at the Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau. This will also be a hybrid meeting.

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