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Find the help you need.

Tuscarawas County, Carroll County, and the surrounding areas are full of resources that are readily available to help you and/or a loved one struggling with any sort of mental health situation or substance use addiction. Learn about the local resources you have access to!

Parental Tool Kits

The best prevention of youth substance abuse comes through parental conversations. Learn how to properly educate your children about the dangers of substance abuse.

Community Resources

View and contact the local resources centers and agencies that are available in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties.


Explore our library of videos created to educate both adults and youth about various topics concerning mental health and substance abuse.

Substance Use HOPE Line

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call or text the Hope Line and talk with Rachel Wentworth, HOPE Line Navigator, today!


Hear from resources from all over the county, including local school districts, law enforcement, treatment agencies, state representatives, youth leaders and more.

Contact Us

If you’re unsure which resources are available to or best for you, please contact Empower Tusc, and we’ll help you find the path that’s right for you.