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PLAY TUSC • Youth Sports

PLAY TUSC • Youth Sports

We Need Your Input!

Empower Tusc is partnering with Leadership Tuscarawas to bring life to a new initiative of a Youth Sports Closet that will be geared towards helping area youth overcome hurdles that may prevent them from participating on local sports teams. The primary burden for many being the costs often associated with participation. But, why do we want to encourage our kids to play sports?
We believe that by participating on these teams, our youth will be exposed to a positive atmosphere focused on teamwork, respect, discipline, camaraderie, etc. The hope is that this will deter them from joining potentially negative atmospheres where they could be exposed to unhealthy elements like drug use, depression, violence, etc.
The Leadership Tuscarawas team is currently in the planning phase of the initiative and this is is where you can help! Simply scan the QR code on this photo to take a quick and easy online survey to share your input.
The data collected will be used to determine if the Sports Closet is truly a need for our communities and maybe pinpoint where the need may be the greatest.
Thank you!

PLAY TUSC • Youth Sports

Who We Are

Play Tusc is a collaboration of community partners with the goal creating a culture of health and wellness for Tuscarawas County. Our partners include local businesses, social services, and education partners who recognize disparities in access to good health in Tuscarawas County. It is our vision that we strive to achieve optimal health for all.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing young people of Tuscarawas County the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle by participating in youth sports. We will achieve this by reducing barriers to participation.

With Your Help

We can shape the health and well-being of Tuscarawas County so that we all can achieve our full health potential.