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Talk. They Hear You

Talk. They Hear You. is a national public service announcement (PSA) campaign that empowers parents to talk to children as young as nine years old about the dangers of underage drinking. It was launched by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

SAMHSA’s latest report on underage drinking shows that more than a quarter of American youth engage in underage drinking. Although there has been progress in reducing the extent of underage drinking in recent years, particularly among those aged 17 and younger, the rates of underage drinking are still unacceptably high.

Talk. They Hear You. raises parents’ awareness about these issues and arms them with information they need to help them start a conversation about alcohol with their children before their children become teenagers.

Talk. They Hear You. shows parents the importance of “seizing the moment” to talk with their kids about alcohol such as while preparing dinner or doing chores. By modeling behaviors, parents can see the many “natural” opportunities for initiating the conversation about alcohol with their children. The Campaign also offers parents a way to practice talking about underage drinking with their children through an interactive, role-play simulation they can use anytime.

Check out the Talk. They Hear You. app, available now.

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