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The HOPE Sunday Project

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About HOPE Sunday

Empower Tusc Coalition (formerly the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition) and the Tuscarawas County Council for Church and Community (T4C) is partnering again with local churches across denominations to bring hope to communities impacted by issues around drug addiction.

On Sunday, September 24, all Tuscarawas and Carroll County churches are invited to participate in Hope Sunday. It is an opportunity to create awareness around substance use prevention, treatment and recovery in our local communities, and an opportunity to acknowledge the vital role that local churches and community members can play in bringing hope and light to those touched by substance use addiction.

Participating churches will receive a 5-minute video, a brief script that can be used before or after the video, along with bulletin inserts that include prayer requests around addiction and information on local resources. Churches will be given all the resources needed to share this event with their congregations.

Last year’s event included participation from 100+ churches across Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties. We hope to mobilize this effort even further this year with the video titled, “What Hope Does.” It showcases three individuals sharing their powerful recovery stories, each of which has been profoundly transformed through their personal relationship with Christ. They recount the turning points that led them to embrace faith and how it ignited a process of healing and restoration. The testimonials emphasize the importance of community support and the overarching theme of hope!

Jodi Salvo, Coordinator of Empower Tusc, encourages our local churches to participate in Hope Sunday. This is an opportunity for the church to become better equipped around the area of drug addiction and recovery. “We want each and every person in our county to know there is help and hope when facing substance use addiction and recovery,” says Salvo. “Our community churches are a place where persons can go to find love and support.”

HOPE Sunday Materials

Here you’ll find all the materials you need for HOPE Sunday in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties. Or, you can view and download these materials and our HOPE Sunday Project Tool Kit to help implement HOPE Sunday in your community.

Church Bulletin

Newspaper Ads

Pastor Invite Email/Letter

Pastor Script

The HOPE Sunday Project Tool Kit

The best prevention of youth substance abuse comes through parental conversations. Learn how to properly educate your children about the dangers of substance abuse. After all, if they don’t learn about substance abuse from you, they’ll learn about it from someone else. Take control of the situation and talk to your kids today!

How Do We Engage Our Faith-Based Communities? The HOPE Sunday Project

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