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Tuscarawas County Proclaims September as National Recovery Month, Celebrating Hope and Healing

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(Tuscarawas County) — Empower Tusc is proud to announce that in a resounding commitment to promoting wellness and empowering individuals on their journeys to recovery, the Tuscarawas County Board of Commissioners has officially declared September 2023 as National Recovery Month. This proclamation underscores the pivotal role of behavioral health in overall well-being and shines a spotlight on the immense strides made in addiction treatment and recovery.

Amidst the challenges that millions of Americans face due to addiction, this proclamation serves as a beacon of hope, acknowledging the monumental efforts being made to help individuals overcome substance use disorders. With a staggering 20 million individuals in the United States grappling with addiction, the urgent need for support, understanding, and treatment is more evident than ever.

Statistics reveal that one in seven people is projected to confront a substance use disorder during their lifetime. However, the tide of recovery is strong, as exemplified by the 23 million Americans who have triumphed over addiction and are living proof that treatment works. These individuals exemplify the possibility of leading productive, fulfilling lives in the face of adversity.

“We recognize the profound significance of recovery and its impact on individuals, families, and our community as a whole,” stated Jodi Salvo, Empower Tusc Coordinator. “Our commitment to National Recovery Month is a reflection of our dedication to supporting those who have triumphed over addiction and promoting awareness of the resources available for those still on their journey to recovery.”

Tuscarawas County is resolute in fostering an environment that encourages preventive measures, early detection of problems, and active support for individuals seeking help. The recovery community in Tuscarawas County is both vibrant and growing, a testament to the dedication of numerous organizations and initiatives, including Project Hope, Empower Tusc, Project DAWN, community leaders, and others. 

Empower Tusc commends the unwavering determination exemplified by the Tuscarawas County Board of Commissioners as we rally behind National Recovery Month and its associated initiatives. These efforts demonstrate a collaborative approach, uniting different sectors to ensure that individuals have the resources, support, and treatment they need to overcome addiction.

As September unfolds, Tuscarawas County stands as a model of resilience, embracing National Recovery Month as a time to uplift and honor those who have triumphed over addiction, while redoubling efforts to help those still in the throes of their struggle. This proclamation reinforces the county’s commitment to championing the health and wellness of its citizens, promoting recovery, and fostering a community marked by compassion, understanding, and empowerment.

For more information on National Recovery Month and the initiatives promoting prevention in Tuscarawas County, visit

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