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April 2022 Meeting Minutes

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Empower Tusc Coalition Meeting

  • Hybrid Meeting
  • Friday, April 8, 2022


  • -Rick Arredondo, Faith Based 
  • *-Ron Bond, Retired Educator & Farm Bureau Rep
  • *-Robert Bray, WBTC Radio
  • *-Bridget Britton, 4-H Extension, Suicide Committee Chair
  • *-Michelle Giancola, Windsor Laurelwood Center Liaison
  • -Bill Harding, Citizen Member
  • -Brian Herzog, Tuscarawas Co Public Library
  • *Bill Houglan, Citizen Member
  • *Gail Houglan, Citizen Member
  • *-Peggy Leslie, Harcatus, Civic Sector
  • *-Nicole Lewis, Springvale Director of Pharmacy
  • *-Connie Limbacher, EPT Secretary
  • *-Michaela Madison, Newsymom, Media 
  • -Mary Marshall, Citizen Member
  • -Kerry Metzger, Tuscarawas Co Commissioner, EPT Chairman
  • *-Jeff Neidig, Mediwise Pharmacy
  • -Faith Nordine, OhioGuidestone Access Navigator/HopeLine Tusc & Carroll Counties
  • -Tracey Penrod, Juvenile Court
  • *-Logan Phillips, Trinity Health System, Marketing
  • -Autumn Poland, Tusc Co Health Dept
  • *-Cheryl Ramos, New Phila City Council Member & Citizen Member
  • *-Miles Riley, Springvale 
  • -Jodi Salvo, OhioGuidestone, Director of SUD Prevention
  • -Josh Sample, Tusc Co Health Dept
  • -Gerald Sanders, Citizen Member
  • Sheryl Solter, Citizen Member
  • *-Diana Smith, Springvale
  • *-Jackie Taylor, Goodwill Industries
  • *-Robin Waltz, Tuscarawas Co United Way Director
  • *-Terry Wilcox, Community Hospice Chaplain
  • *-Vicki Yates, Director of Activities at Senior Center

(*) denotes online
(-) denotes members

Meeting Summary:

Kerry Metzger called the Hybrid meeting to order at 9:01 AM on Friday, April 8, 2022, with 28 members & 3 visitors present (19 virtual & 12 Present). Bill Harding made a motion to accept the March 11, 2022 minutes Josh Sample seconded and all voted yes. Introductions were made.

Executive: No report.

Youth: Jessica Codd-youth leader went early on maternity leave. Autumn Poland reported that Piper Olson and 3 other youth from Tuscarawas County Central Catholic conducted 12 store audits. They did NOT find any Delta 8 or Delta 10. Strasburg, Claymont and TCC continue to meet and are being provided support by OhioGuidestone prevention staff with Jessica’s absence.

Alcohol Committee: Jodi reported in Veronica’s absence that the (PWHLTM) “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most” yard signs are her for anyone wanting to take one for their yard or business. Campaign will be starting Monday April 18th. Signs will also be available at United Way. Be sure to share campaign social media posts. 

Marijuana Committee Kerry and Jodi shared an update. They both went to the State House and provided opposition testimony around SB 261, to expand Ohio’s Medical Marijuana program. SB 261 allows for social media advertising, moves oversight of dispensaries from the Board of Pharmacy to the Department of Commerce, does not require any diagnosis, and allows THC limits up to 90%. It feels more like a “recreational lite” program than a medical program. Jodi was also on a panel at The Ohio State School of law on Cannabis Reform. She said the other panelists from the cannabis industry spoke openly about medical dispensaries flipping to recreational dispensaries in the future. So current status, if the legislature is unable to satisfy the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol but passing legislation, they will start collecting ballot signatures in the end of May to place the ballot initiative on the November ballot. Kerry and Jodi will have been invited discuss our concerns about SB 261. Bridget will contact State 4-H offices along with College of Pharmacy, & see if Jodi can do a presentation with them to engage more organizations in opposition efforts.

Media Committee: Michaela reported that there have been press releases regarding the movies at the Quaker already go out. These 3 movies we will be showing at the Quaker April 11th, 18th & 25th. She is currently working on a press release for the Jeopardy game and outreach that was used at Dover Schools from Autumn. The game will be able to be used at other schools, as well. We also have the roll out of PWHLTM on April 18th and National Drug Take Back Day on April 30th. Pictures are the best thing for social media as they get the most sharing and hits. If your business or agency is having an activity, take some pics & send to Michaela.  Anyone can share links and articles directly from our new website Facebook still has not allowed us to change our name and we do NOT want to start a new page and have to Friend everyone. Miles will look into as we had 9,000+ hits and likes in the past month with over 1,300 engagements. 

Prescription Drug Committee: Jeff reported that he has been looking into DEA regulations and campaign One Pill Can Kill. The next National Drug Take Back Day is April 30th. Vicki Yates has volunteers from the Kwanis Club to work at Union Hospital Cleveland Clinic. Connie has Kerry and Brian there and Faith Nordine and Kathy Bazaar for Trinity Health System, Twin City. There are new rebranded flyers for anyone who needs them. Vicki asked Jeff to have Drug Take Back at the Senior Expo on May 6th from 8-11AM at the Senior Center. 

Suicide Prevention Committee: Bridget reported that they are still recruiting members and directing them to look at our new website to come up with what they want posted. The Quaker Movie Events are from 7-9PM at the Quaker April 11th, 18th and 25th and will have a Resource table and a speaker at each.

Tobacco/Vaping Committee—Autumn introduced Josh Sample who will be partnering with her on the Tobacco grant. They are working with Leadership Tusc. They have erected a billboard at Rt 39 & 77 advertising the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line. Mary joined them at Dover with the Jeopardy 6, 7 and 8th graders. They had the youth perform the compliance and store audits as reported under youth sector. She hopes to be able to have things worked out show the coalition a demo of Apportis. When she tried for today, it would only show the end results not the process.

922 Initiative—Miles reported that the 922 Initiative meets the second Tuesday of each month at noon. They are currently working to create a community garden. This is a project to help stop learned behavior by getting involved in something else, such as investing in their community. Four city lots have been donated and this committee would appreciate any other donations such as seeds, fertilizer, etc. Diana reported that Springvale has been named the fiscal agent so now they can accept cash donations and grants.

Faith Based—Rick is going with Jodi to meet the different ministerial association meetings in the county. In the future, Rick will be attending ministerial meetings throughout the county and act as a conduit between Empower Tusc and the churches and to share efforts among ministerial associations. The Twin City ministerial association is going to extend their weekly community Lenten service to allow for Jodi and Kerry to present on current legislation and efforts to expand and legalize marijuana in Ohio. Rick is also coordinating the Tuscarawas County National Day of Prayer, May 5th, and will be bringing the pastors together at the court house. They will meet with the commissioners to pray in the morning and hoping to create an all day event at the courthouse. Michaela is also providing a monthly article to The Outreacher to assist the faith community to have a better understanding around addiction and mental health in hopes to decrease stigma in these areas and to provide persons help resources in the county.

Old Business: None

New Business: Jodi just reiterated the need to share the Quaker Events and other items throughout the community. Connie thanked Jodi & Kerry for their time and willingness to travel to Columbus to testify and advocate for Ohio’s youth! 

Mary made a motion to adjourn and Autumn seconded. All voted yes at 10:26 AM. 

Next Board Meeting will be held on Friday, May 13th from 9:00-10:30 as a Hybrid meeting at the Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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