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Local Leaders Named as New Prevention Action Alliance Directors

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(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – The Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition is proud to acknowledge two local leaders as they join the Board of Directors with Prevention Action Alliance (PAA).

Prevention Action Alliance is a nonprofit based in Columbus, Ohio working to lead healthy communities to prevent substance misuse and to promote mental health wellness.

Perci Garner, the Executive Director of the Tuscarawas Society for Children and Adults (Rainbow Connection), is one of the newest members of the PAA. Garner, a former professional baseball player, also hosts the 99 MPH Podcast, serves as vice president of the Dover Rotary and is a board member for the Tuscarawas County Economic Development Corporation and the YMCA.

“As I experienced what drug abuse can do to a family, I am passionate about helping people by sharing my store,” stated Garner. “As a retired pro athlete, I want to use my platform to impact my community in a positive manner.”

The Tuscarawas County footprint grows even larger in Columbus with Chris Lane also being named one of the PAA’s newest directors. Lane is the vice president of operations for BASEC Management. He describes himself as a restaurant operations executive who focuses on servant leadership in creating meaningful connections between business and community. He also serves on the United Way of Tuscarawas County and the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition.

“I am most interested in PAA as a service to my children and all of the children of Ohio,” explained Lane. “They need a broad representation of community members that take prevention, treatment, and education very seriously, but also understand the obstacles and challenges that come with life experience.”

Both Garner and Lane indicate that while they are eager to bring their experiences to the table to contribute to the PAA, they are equally as eager to learn themselves. “I would like to gain an understanding of marijuana, and also learn effective techniques to share with young people the negative impact of substance abuse,” said Garner. Lane added, “I would like very much to gain a greater knowledge of the prevention process while also sharing my skills a as a community leader and influential speaker.”

For more information on local prevention efforts and resources visit, and if you or someone you know is in need of substance use addiction help, call the Hope hotline at 330-663-6812.

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